Thursday, June 23, 2011

Stories from the Clippings

Moms! Bring your Kids in for Testing!

"Ice-Box Escape Studies Lead to New Standard"

When I read this piece, I was not sure I was reading it correctly. It seemed too strange to be true; but you know what they say about truth.

The article reads: "Washinton, D. C. - Infrared studies of children inside simulated refrigerators showed that they usually tried to escape by pushing on the door or turning a door-knob. The result: a new U. S. Department of Commerce safety standard requiring that all new household refrigerators crossing state lines 15 months hence be equipped with a device that opens the door from inside by outward pressure or turning of a knob. Of 201 children spied on in the tests, three-fourths were out in less than three minutes and a third of these in under 10 seconds."

Oh... these were simulated refrigerators. For a minute I thought they were closing them in real refrigerators. That makes me feel better?

Scope Weekly - May 15, 1957

(Some 1957 kids never tested in simulated refrigerators)

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