Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Soviet Doctor LPs : Part 2

To continue with the Soviet Doctor LPs, I am posting about another of the three LPs we have, this one titled:

Scientists Speak

The series is the same as the previous LP. This record is part of the “Great Medical Encyclopedia” produced by the Academy of Medical Science, United Soviet Socialist Republics and features snippets of lectures given by (top to bottom, left to right):

N.A. Semashko, I.P. Pavlov, P.K. Anokhin

V.V. Parin, N.N. Burdyenko, A. N. Bakulyev, M.P. Konchalovsky

P.G. Sergiyev, L.A. Zilber, A.A. Bogomolyets, and I.V Davidovsky

To give an idea of who these speakers are, here are some quick points of interest:

N.A. Semashko was People’s Commissar of Public Health in 1918 and served in that role until 1930, effectively one of the organizers of the health care system in Soviet Russia.

I.P. Pavlov was a famous physiologist and Nobel laureate (1904).

P.K. Anokhin was biologist and physiologist known for pioneering concepts of feedback (published in 1935) in cybernetics and functional systems.

V.V. Parin was also a well-known researcher in medical cybernetics.

That’s all for this week. If you are interested in any of the other speakers that I didn’t provide details on, please let me know!

-- Max Johnson, HC&A Student Assistant

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