Tuesday, June 14, 2011

RBMS Preconference, June 21-24

Next week I'll be in Baton Rouge attending the 2011 RBMS Preconference "In the Hurricane's Eye: Challenges of Collecting in the 21st Century." The preconference - so called because it falls immediately before the American Library Association's annuall conference - is organized by the Rare Books and Manuscripts Section of the Association of College and Research Libraries. This year's meeting will be in historic Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Hence the hurricane reference, which is also intended to represent the theme of the meeting itself:

"In the last several years special collections and archives have assumed a new and more prominent role within our larger host institutions as well as in the wider library community. Once perceived as peripheral to core library services, our collections are now viewed as central. Despite – or perhaps because of – this centrality, we face a perfect storm of increasing needs in a time of decreasing support. How can we keep building and providing effective access to collections that will remain central in the future, fulfilling our obligation to provide stewardship of the cultural record?"

Blog posts will be light next week, but I promise to return with many shared observations about the state of special collections librarianship, and a review of the tour of the bird collection of the LSU Museum of Natural Science.

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