Thursday, June 09, 2011

OHSU Library's Classic Articles Collection

A search for articles by Fuller Albright reminded me that I've wanted to highlight an OHSU Library special collection that is not part of HC&A: The Classic Articles Collection consists of over 1500 individual journal volumes, containing over 2000 of the articles identified in Lee Ash's Serial Publications Containing Medical Classics and Morton's Medical Bibliography. While the library's main print collections have been aggressively weeded over the years, this special collection helps ensure that historically significant medical articles will be preserved permanently. Patrons can request the volumes online through our catalog and use them in the library.

The collection was built mainly through the efforts of Judith Norton and her staff in Access Services. Judith's 2010 OLA Quarterly article "Saving the Best to Last: OHSU's Classic Medical Article Collection" is an in-depth discussion of the collection's development. Library student assistant Turner Masland also presented a poster session on this collection at the 2011 Oregon Library Association meeting.

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