Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Donated book collection - Dr. Peter M.Taubenberger

Yesterday I picked up a donation of seven boxes of books and papers of Dr. Peter Taubenberger, a physician trained at University of Munich. In 1963, Dr. Taubenberger and his family emigrated to Canada. He spent most of the rest of his career in private practice in the western U.S., including towns in Montana, Colorado, and Oregon. He retired from practice in Portland in the 1990s, and passed away in 2010. Books were very important to Dr. Taubenberger and his family, and we are honored to have been chosen as the new home for these materials.

Most of the items in this collection are German-language books, journal issues, and offprints published in the early 20th century - see the tantalizing glimpse above. This morning Max finished unpacking and shelving the materials for review, and got started comparing titles to our holdings locally and in Summit. I noticed some interesting titles in medical technology, military medicine, public health and psychology and can't wait to dig in!

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