Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Vinyl LP Recordings of Soviet Doctors – Accession No. 2010-020

One of the collections that I have always wanted to dig into a little more here at OHSU HC&A is the Soviet Doctors LP Collection. Currently we have 3 12” vinyl recordings of various medical talks given by Soviet doctors. The three LPs are stored in the Archives stacks in the Old Library. Along with the LPs are included a “Concert Program for the participants of the 9th International Congress of Gerontology” and an English-language version of a Soviet Customs Declaration form.

The LP Cover shown above reads in the upper right-hand corner “Academy of Medical Science USSR – Great Medical Encyclopedia.” Below that, “Lecture of the Academic of the AMH (Academy Medical Science) of the USSR – N. N. Blokhin.”

And finally the title, “Modern Problems in Oncology,” and in tiny letters below, “Read by the Author.”

Fascinating what can be found in the archives!

-- Max Johnson, HC&A Student Assistant

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Maija said...

Max, did you translate the Russian text? Nice work!