Thursday, April 07, 2011

Spring has sprung

A springtime view of HC&A Headquarters, also known as the Old Library/Auditorium Building.

"The Oregon Climate, west of the Cascade Mountains, is unusually mild and equable...To persons suffering from nervous strain and those troubles incident to higher altitudes it in unsurpassed..The warm Japanese current which washes the Oregon shore tempers the climate, even in winter time, to a gentle spring warmth. To the east the Cascade Mountains form a natural barrier, guarding and conserving this warmth. This explains why it is a land of such noble forests and unrivalled game preserves; why its streams are rich in the finny tribe, making it the fisherman's paradise; why its fruits reach a perfection unknown in other States...; why its crops never fail, but always yield full harvests."
-- North Pacific Dental College, Annual Announcement, 1899/1900

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