Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Ray W. Matson, 1880-1934

Sometimes I suspect that what really drew me to special collections librarianship is my love of purple prose:

"Ray Matson died a tragic death. Perhaps it was fitting. Several centuries ago he would have been the beau ideal of Dumas's Musketeers. Graceful, handsome, well-groomed, ever alert and self-assured, exquisitely poised and with a characteristic 'swing' to every movement, incisive and decisive, always up for adventure and a hazard, he indulged this sheer joie de vivre in fine horses and steeple-chasing and later in aeroplanes, -- now, that modern convention has sheathed the sword."
This 1935 tribute in the American Review of Tuberculosis goes on like this for quite some time.

Archival dream date Ray W. Matson, UOMS M.D., 1902. I think he looks a little like William Powell.

Matson died in an automobile accident in 1934. Sara wrote several posts on her research about Ray and his twin brother Ralph - including the mystery of which brother is depicted in this dashing portrait.

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