Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Preservation Week thanks

That's right, it's Preservation Week! ALA is asking librarians to use this time to connect to communities about the preservation needs and cultural value of shared and personal collections.

I'm feeling thankful today, so rather than offering my expert opinion about humidity control and archival supplies, I want to recognize some members of the OHSU community who make it possible for HC&A to preserve its irreplaceable collections:

Judith Norton, Head of Access Services, is the library's mastermind for space planning and emergency preparedness. Judith has also done incredible work with the statewide library community to raise awareness about preservation and emergency preparedness for library collections.

Carl Gioia and the staff of OHSU Facilities and Real Estate, who came to the rescue when a roof leak unexpectedly recurred in one of our storage rooms. We were overjoyed to hear that a re-roof of the Old Library will be underway very soon.

David Bachman and Brad Page, campus locksmiths, who worked with me on a security upgrade that helps everyone in HC&A sleep at night, and patiently responded to all my questions about how those tricky key things work.

These staff members' contributions all point to the essential idea that preserving collections is a top-down process - beginning with a solid plan for control of your spaces, and then proceeding down the line to the nitty-gritty of item-level preservation. All the acid-free interleaving in the world won't help you when the roof leaks.

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