Tuesday, March 08, 2011

"William Osler -- Physician and Philanthropist"

We've recently turned up some interesting new additions to our collections in the history of medicine in the Pacific Northwest. One is this reprint of a talk given at a meeting of the King County Medical Society in Seattle:

At the March 25, 1925 meeting, San Francisco surgeon Edgar Lorrington Gilcreest spoke about his experiences with the renowned Sir William Osler. His talk, "William Osler -- Physician and Philanthropist -- Glimpses During the World War" was included in the Sir William Osler Memorial issue of the Bulletin of the International Association of Medical Museums, and in this reprint. During World War I, Dr. Gilcreest served in Britain as a surgeon with the Red Cross. It was there that he first met Sir William Osler. Osler was an occasional presence and perennial inspiration in Dr. Gilcreest's life as a surgeon.

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