Thursday, March 24, 2011

"Super Charms Mixture of Practically Everything"

A recent transfer from the School of Dentistry (via our friend Dr. J. Henry Clarke) included, among other goodies, a 1958 catalog from Silverman's, "The Dental Mail Order House of America." Along with products I'd prefer not to dwell on (root tweezers) Silverman's offered a delectable assortment of treats for the kids:

(clicking to enlarge is an absolute must)

I was momentarily impressed to see that if you were a good kid at the dentist in 1958, you might get your own forceps - until Karen sagely pointed out that the term "Child's forceps" probably referred not to forceps belonging to a child, but small-size forceps used on a child.

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Sara Piasecki said...

What, no candy? :-)