Thursday, March 17, 2011

Physicians and Surgeons Hospital

A recent donation brought in some copies of a short publication, Our History: Physicians and Surgeons Hospital, "published by Physicians and Surgeons Hospital and Metropolitan Hospitals, Inc., for friends of the hospital." Probably produced in the early 1980s, it traces the development of the hospital from 1915, when Dr. Robert C. Coffey founded Portland Surgical Hospital. The hospital went through many name changes and expansions over the twentieth century, becoming Physicians and Surgeons Hospital in 1946. The area around NW 21st-23rd Avenue now hosts several Legacy Health system buildings.

Karen thinks we have copies already in our archival collections, but I'll be adding one to the PNW Collection, where it will complement the Collected Papers of Robert Calvin Coffey, a set of reprints of articles published by the hospitals founder.


Amy said...

My wife's great grandfather was Dr. Robert Calvin Coffey..his son Dr. Robert Mayo Coffey..he daughter Carolie Coffey, her daughter Amy Chirman (my wife).

Mark Holsapple
Amy Chirman

Maija said...

Hello Mark and Amy - We have additional material on Dr. Robert C. Coffey in our archives, and I wrote a short biographical article on him for the Portland Physician's Scribe newsletter. Thanks for getting in touch!

jljones said...

Hi - I was in P&S and am looking for medical records from 1969 with surgeon Dr. Donald Laird. does anyone know where or how I might find them? Any help would be appreciated.