Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Monumental Women Walking Tour

Last Thursday I celebrated Women's History Month by attending the Monumental Women Walking Tour. The tour was led by Portland State University students who are completing a senior project on women's contributions to civic life in Portland.

The tour began at the Walk of the Heroines, a park space honoring women's contributions to society:

For the next hour, our student guides led us to downtown sites that represent significant in Portland women's history. Below, the group learns about the First Congregational Church, site of the 1905 National American Woman Suffrage Association Convention.

Other stops on the tour included the former Martha Washington Hotel for Women; the Portland Art Museum; the home of journalist and radical activist Louise Bryant; and the former site of the Portland Women's Club.

We then headed back to the Walk of the Heroines, where I snapped a photo of one of the stones honoring Portland's many heroines:

Right in the middle of this picture is the name of Bethenia Owens-Adair, frontier doctor, social reformer, and popular subject in HC&A.

The students' excellent research and hard work resulted in a very engaging event. It was wonderful to be reminded of how familiar buildings and sites in the city connect us to history.


Janice Dilg said...

Thanks for taking our tour, and posting it on your blog. The turnout of people to take the tours was a just reward for the student's hard work! The tours will become an annual event, and we hope you'll come again.

Janice Dilg,
Monumental Women Capstone Instructor

Maija said...

Hi Jan! Congratulations to you and your students on this event. What a great way to get people involved in local history.