Monday, February 14, 2011

Oregon College of Art and Craft "Scavenger Hunt"

Last Saturday night was the kickoff party for a program that we're very excited to be part of. The Oregon College of Art and Craft "Scavenger Hunt" brings together over two dozen artists affiliated with OCAC. At the party, each artist chose at random from a group of artifacts selected by Karen Peterson from our Medical Museum collection. Each artist will visit their artifact here in HC&A, and will go back to the studio to create a piece informed by the artifact.

I can't wait to see the work inspired by this "pneumothorax apparatus"

and by this circa 1900 doctor's headlamp:

The scavenger hunt is curated by Beth Robinson, a paper conservator and book artist, and will culminate in a gallery exhibition in summer 2011.


Bess said...
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Bess said...

Looking forward to hearing your experience! The party was a lovely time. I will be posting the artists updates on then click on the news tab. Thank you to OHSU for their support on this project! And a special thank you to Karen, Maija, Sara & Ian.