Thursday, January 06, 2011

When a book is more than book

Last week I posted about the surprises that I've found in book donations. As I complete another gift review this week, I'm sharing another great example. This time we have a rather ordinary book made extraordinary by the addition of an inscription on the flyleaf, which reads:
To Dr. Charles Mansfield - in appreciation of his work on the Medical Service, at the Multnomah Hospital during the year 1943

Laurence Selling
Isidor G Brill
Wesley E. Gatewood
Homer P. Rush
Edwin E. Osgood
Matthew C. Riddle
Robert S. Dow
Hance F. Haney
Charles N. Holman
N.W. Jones
John R. Montague
Leon A. Goldsmith
D[ewitt] C. Burkes
Charles P. Shilson
The book is Thomas J. Dry's A Manual of Cardiology (Saunders, 1943). While it's not a rare book in the traditional sense, the inscription provides biographical information that might not be available anywhere else, giving this copy unique research value.

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