Friday, June 25, 2010

Stories from the Clippings

Go! Fight! Win!

Since the LA Lakers just won the NBA playoffs, it seemed like a good time to toot our own horn… albeit late! We have always loved the image of our early football team in their skull and crossbones jerseys and we take every opportunity to show it off. It is interesting to us to recall the time past when an important part of student life at the University of Oregon Medical School was organized sports.

I'm sure that today OHSU students participate in games of Frisbee golf, basketball, softball, soccer and other casual or competitive sports off campus. But it's somehow not the same as in days gone by when students wore school athletic uniforms, sported school colors, chanted cheers and jeers and were awarded team trophies for their prowess on the court or field.

So this week's “Stories from the Clippings” reports on the day the UOMS basketball team, The Medics, closed out the 1954-1955 Metropolitan League season undefeated!

In April 1955, it was reported that the Oregon Medics went up against the outstanding players from the rest of the league. David Alan Sears led the Medics and set a league record by "whipping through a 14 game schedule without a single loss". Though Western Baptist's Jim Cook snared the league scoring title with 284 points, Sears came in second with 259 points. The Medics won the trophy and the members of the All-Star team were presented with gold basketballs at the All-Star game played at Concordia College in NE Portland.

The final Metro standings were:
W - L
Oregon Medical -------- 14 - 0
Oregon Dental ----------12 - 2
George Fox ---------------9 - 2
Mult. Sch. Bible ----------7 - 7
Reed ----------------------7 - 7
West Bap. Sem.-----------4 - 10
Mult. Coll. ----------------3 - 11
Concordia -----------------1 - 13

David Alan Sears graduated from the Medical School in 1959 and went on to become a professor at Baylor College of Medicine in the Department of Medicine.
Our photograph shows the Medics in 1959; this apparently after a championship game, since one of our guys is holding a trophy and every member of the team is sporting a smile.

I wouldn’t know if Sears is in this photograph, since none are identified. If he is, what a send off that was!