Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Post #1,001

So, when preparing Monday's post, I completely overlooked that it should have been a landmark event: The 1000th post on our blog. So instead, I'm kicking off the next 1000 posts with a brief retrospective:

Post #1: Sara Piasecki welcomed readers to HC&A's brand-new blog on August 22, 2006

241 posts later, the blog had its first birthday.

March 12, 2008's "Morningside Hospital: What We Know" still draws traffic and remains our most-commented post.

In 2009, HC&A won the coveted "Best Institutional Blog" award from Archives Next.

August 31, 2010's "Ave atque vale" was the last post from departing HC&A head Sara Piasecki.

This blog would not be what it is without the positive feedback and consistent support it gets from our researchers and library colleagues. Join us for the next 1,000 posts!

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