Friday, November 26, 2010

Jews@Work: Law and Medicine

Here is a great activity for the whole family during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays and an opportunity to celebrate the diversity that is Oregon.

For one more month only ~ At the Oregon Jewish Museum there is "An exhibition that charts the remarkable progress Oregon Jews made as they integrated into the life of the state. From their days as immigrants to fully participatory Oregonians, their journey is reflected in the work they plunged into over the 150 years of Oregon's history. The pursuit of knowledge, combined with the quest for justice and the sanctity of life, has drawn Jews to professions in law and medicine. Through compelling narratives, artifacts and photographs, the exhibition chronicles the history, growth and culture in Oregon that made it possible for Jews to become full participants in the community and pursue these prestigious professions."

Heather Brunner, curator, spent months in the OHSU Historical Collections & Archives, and other regional historical societies and archives, researching the Jewish physicians and lawyers who are now featured in this remarkable exhibit of sound and vision. I've seen it and I highly recommend it.

The Oregon Jewish Museum is located near restaurants and boutique shops at 1953 NW Kearney and borders the bustling Pearl District, so go and make a day of it.

Museum Hours are: Tuesday - Thursday 10:30a - 4:00p; Friday 10:30a - 3:00p; Sunday 1:00 - 4:00p

Admission Adults: $6; Students/Seniors: $4; Members: Free; Children under 12 accompanied by a parent or guardian: Free


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