Thursday, October 21, 2010

What Have We on These Shelves?

Today I got curious to look around in some of the books in our historical book collection. Pulling a random title from the shelf near the desk I flipped to pages 332 and 333 (pictured below): Mechanical Therapeutics: A practical treatise on surgical apparatus, appliances, and elementary operations by Philip S. Whales, M.D.

Mr. Kolbe, of Philadelphia, has devised the apparatus seen in Fig. 270, for bowed leg. It is constructed of two metallic side-stems jointed at the knee and ankle, connected above to a padded metal plate inclosing the lower part of the thigh, and below to a laced boot. These stems are sufficiently flexible to be bent so that the instrument may be accommodated to the curvature of any limb, how great soever it may be.
(I think I saw this same device watching Deadwood.)

This book got even better as I looked just inside the front cover. It features the beautiful handwriting of F.A. Bailey of Tualatin Plains, Oregon.

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