Thursday, October 07, 2010

A Retirement from the School of Medicine

Dr. Kenneth Burry, a fertility expert who has served at OHSU since 1976, announced his retirement. The School of Medicine announced this in their news headlines last week. After reading the press release, wherein I learned that Dr. Burry was instrumental in the founding of OHSU Fertility Consultants in 1982, and in the first in-vitro fertilization attempt occurring here in the Northwest; I wanted to see if he had any of this documentation.

You bet we do! Pictured below are some of the news clippings from February 16, 1983, when the news broke.

One headline is from The Oregonian, and the other from the Statesman-Journal.We have many more clippings that document this event and Dr. Burry's contribution to fertility medicine. We even have some of the first brochures from OHSU Fertility Consultants for anyone to come see over in the History of Medicine room.

Congratulations to Dr. Burry on his retirement, and on being a pioneer for OHSU's adventures in fertility research and service.

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