Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Parking. With Emotion.

Yes-- parking. The word might incite feelings in anyone who works on the hill, from frustrating experiences trying to find a parking spot, to elation after having found the perfect place in someone's driveway that you pay for each month, or to the long walking distance from your single diamond parking across campus to Jones Hall. Whatever your emotions may be, parking is an institution on OHSU Campus.

A few years ago Sara blogged about re-housing some of the images we had acquired--of parking. (And yes, we now have these images in sleeves!) Personally I find these photographs fascinating and when I saw the folder labeled "parking" in our historical image collection, I knew I had to look. Yes, more treasures over here in Historical Collections & Archives.

Whatever emotion you have regarding parking, these are two images that got me emoting.

"3/24/59 3PM.
Parking area behind Multnomah Hospital (Looking toward Emma Jones Dormitory)"

"Dec. '72."
I'd love to be able to cruise up to work in one of those car show beauties-- drive around campus in one of those utility trucks.

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