Thursday, October 14, 2010

And where would we be without technology? And where are we with it?

An exciting new shipment recently came to Historical Collections & Archives: the Ion Tape 2 PC.

This top of the line device will allow HC&A to transfer the content recorded on audio tapes to digital files. Preservation of audio recordings is very tricky, and magnetic tapes are susceptible to quality loss every time they are played as the tape gets stretched and thins. Moreover, how long will it be until one can no longer purchase an audio tape player that functions properly?

Our Ion Tape 2 PC will enable Karen, our archivist, and others to make audio recordings more widely accessible to our visitors. It will also help us save valuable information that, in the future, might be inaccessible due to technologies that are obsolete. The first request we've already gotten, for which we will use this machine, came from none other than the NIH! The Dr. Roy Hertz oral history interview will be transferred from a magnetic tape to a digital audio file.

Dr. Hertz was many things in medicine. He was involved in the development of chemotherapy techniques as well as the first birth control pill.You can read more about Dr. Hertz's accomplishments in one of our older blog posts.

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