Monday, September 27, 2010

Where Eyes Still Travel

Recently one of OHSU's Reference and Instruction Librarians, Steve Teich, retired. These days he's spending his time golfing and enjoying fine dining. In his office used to hang a series of photographs of rural clinicians in front of rural clinics and hospitals. The geography of these locations spans from Gold Beach to John Day and places in between. Throughout his career, Steve worked with this rural network, called the OHSU Rural Health Information Network, and traveled all over the state visiting these rural hospitals and clinics.

Where those images used to be now hangs an empty cork board, with shadows of these images. Each time I enter the office my eyes travel over to glance at the shadows left by the years these images hung in his office.

Fortunately for us we received these images as a gift, so that anyone can come see them by visiting the History of Medicine room.

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