Tuesday, September 21, 2010

"Pop" Allen Working Through the Cold Times

The weather is changing and it's no secret that Marquam Hill sometimes feels colder, rainier, and in the winter snowier than other parts of our fair city.
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This was probably also the case during William Fitch "Pop" Allen's tenure as the Department Head of Anatomy for the University of Oregon Medical School.

It was reported in his obituary from the Journal of Comparative Neurology, dated June 1951, that:
The former dean of the medical school  tells the story of finding Allen in his office on a cold Sunday, while showing visitors through the building, and remarking that is was pretty cold to be working that day. Dr. Allen replied: "It is not nearly as cold as it was on Christmas Day."
"Pop" Allen was an intriguing figure for OHSU's history, which I've recently had the pleasure to research for a forthcoming History of Medicine article in the Portland Scribe.This is just one of the stories about the absent-minded and dedicated professor that I think of when I rub my cold hands together.

Fortunately for us since that time (and since the dean's awareness that Allen worked through the coldest of cold days) we've got heat in our buildings, and sometimes even space heaters under our desks!

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