Thursday, September 09, 2010

Friday to Bring Smiles to the History of Medicine Room

There's reason to smile this Friday. Dr. Clarke, Professor Emertius from the School of Dentistry will be bringing his History of Medicine students to the History of Medicine room to take a peek at some of the dental gems we have. Karen and Ian will be bringing out the big guns to show them. Things like GV Black's Descriptive Anatomy of the Human Teeth and hopefully materials from the Dental Museum collection, like the forceps below.

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Students might also be tickled to see some of the tools used by a traveling dentist, such as this foldable dental chair, and handy case for carrying tools.

Although both were probably used for traveling, they certainly weren't used in the same generations...

I bet the students will leave us smiling, especially knowing they won't have to treat patients sitting in a chair that looks so unstable!

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