Thursday, September 23, 2010

Eyes, Ears, Nose...

It's always fun to think about what one might discover in the History of Medicine room if it's been a few days since a visit. When walking in the other morning Karen showed me a box filled with goodies! A recent donation came to us that included various historical medical equipment.

The supplies belonged to two doctors: Dr. Walton H. Williams of Middleton, Ohio, who practiced from approximately 1910-1950 and specialized in otolaryngology and ophthalmology; and Dr. Wellie Smith Mackenzie of Munising, Michigan, practicing from approximately 1905-1945. Dr. Mackenzie's medical bag, pictured above, contains gynecological equipment.

The white porcelain box in the photo above is a sterilizer of some sort. Both of the brown and black tubular containers house thermometers, and the green lined box looks to be a piece of ophthalmic equipment.

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