Monday, August 30, 2010

Trick my booktruck, SOD edition

On Friday, I and library student worker extraordinaire Ian Terrell (who actually just received his official librarian sheepskin last week; congratulations Ian!) traveled down to the OHSU School of Dentistry for one final all-out assault on the vault and Room 13. We were determined to leave no archives behind!

Our mission was successful, thanks in large part to Ian's masterful modification of a standard booktruck to make it capable of carrying tens of mounted photographs larger than the truck itself. I have no image of that to show you (think of those vehicles you've seen carrying plate glass, only with a metal booktruck, two-by-fours, and rope), but I do have an image of one of the many, many large format photographs and photographic composites that we rescued from Room 13. Here, we see a composite of the North Pacific College of Dentistry, Class of 1922.

As a side note, I would like to point out that a good basic toolkit is a must in archival work. During our discussions about tools and their uses, Ian and I learned from Dr. J. Henry Clarke, DMD, that the Phillips screw was invented by a Portland dentist who sold the patent to Phillips. You can read more about that history on the Phillips Screw Company web site.

Stay tuned for more amazing facts about the School of Dentistry and the history of dentistry in Oregon as the huge hoard of materials from Friday's raid are processed over the coming months.

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Judi said...

I know what you mean about tools - I've had to go get a chain-breaker out of my bike kit to fix a pesky compactus in the past.