Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fun with Ferrier

Well, there it is: the end of the day. Come too soon, as so often. Time positively sped by as I worked my way through two boxes of materials belonging to Walden I. Ferrier, D.M.D., 1908 graduate of the North Pacific College (precursor to the OHSU School of Dentistry)--part of last Friday's transfer of materials from the dental school vault to the Historical Collections & Archives.

The collection includes hundreds of dental instruments, implements, and supplies, as well as correspondence, patents, certificates and awards, photographs, military service documents, a financial ledger with patient accounts and royalty income records, and a very cool folio-sized hand-tooled colored leather folder which contained some of the aforementioned documents.

In fact, so much time went by while I puzzled over some of the equipment (like the Vitallium dual pliers thingy shown in the photo here - and check out the frosted glass mortar and pestle!) that I have little time to tell you about Ferrier himself. Luckily, George Hollenback, D.M.D., wrote a memorial to Ferrier in 1966, which is available in full text online courtesy of Washington State gold foil men Von Hanks and John Sechena at goldfoil.org.

You can definitely expect an exhibit on Ferrier in the future: this stuff is way too good to keep to ourselves for long!

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