Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ave atque vale

Well, this is it. My last post in this space. Don't panic! This space will remain clean and well-lit in my absence. As of tomorrow, the lovely and capable Emily Ford, OHSU's Scholarly Communications Librarian, will be pinch-hitting for a while, and of course Archivist Karen Peterson will still be bringing you Stories from the Clippings on Fridays.

We've been together nearly four years, dear reader, and you've become an important and valued part of my life. You've provided an impetus to think about what I was doing on any given day; you've encouraged me to see the special in our special collections; you've helped me maintain my day-tight compartments. You have even, on occasion, talked back, sent me information, shared photographs, corrected my errors. I like to imagine that, sometimes, you have chuckled privately, or wondered in silence.

I've enjoyed our time together, and even though I'm leaving, part of my heart will remain. I'll continue to watch this space, and I hope you do too.

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Emily said...

*sniff sniff*
We'll miss your wit and tongue-in-cheek observations about history and historical materials, Sara.