Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Year in Review

July (for the many of us on fiscal years that run July-June) is National Navel-Gazing Month. This is the fourth installment in our annual report series (diehards may wish to compare and contrast with 2009, 2008, and 2007). If you have any questions, let us know (imponderables like "Where did the time go?" and "Was that really only eight months ago?" will not be answered satisfactorily, so you might want to keep those to yourself.) As always, these are highlights only; for more on the nitty-gritty, we suggest you browse through the blog archives on the left.

Oral History Program
David B. Mahler, PhD (Dentistry)
William E. Morton, MD, PhD (Public Health)
E. Alan Meyer, DSc (Parasitology)

Answered questions from 200 unique patrons, 90 of whom were OHSU faculty/staff/students
(up from 162 unique patrons in 2009)

Brought the Department of Surgery’s Trunkey Rare Book Library into the OHSU library catalog and received one new donation to that collection
Began working with Oregon Encyclopedia to include articles on significant health science people/topics
Contributing regular features to three publications

Mounted three exhibits in the Main Library lobby, and displayed materials for two additional campus events

Accessioned 22 collections, and added approximately 95 linear feet of materials

Received 60 donations, including books, institutional records and personal papers, photographs, museum pieces, and cash; notable donations included three Larrey letters, a 1668 Barbette, and the School of Dentistry’s historical collections

Began acquiring rare and out-of-print materials for historical book collections, adding to strengths in cardiology, anatomy, neurology and Pacific Northwest health sciences; notable acquisitions included Cloquet’s Manuel d'anatomie descriptive (1825) and Vieussen’s Novum vasorum corporis humani systema (1705)

Increased footprint for collections: new shelving installed in BICC107; some archival materials relocated to Mackenzie Hall vault; additional space in Old Library stacks designated for PNW Archives and OHSU-Only collections
Increased staffing with the help of Jeff Colby, Circulation staff member, who is now working 20 hours per week in HC &A (up from 12.5 hours)
Developed procedure for loan of non-circulating materials to OHSU faculty

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