Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New photo of Matson uncovered

Rummaging around in the Historical Image Collection for something entirely unrelated today I chanced upon this image, a group portrait from the fourth conference of the International Union Against Tuberculosis (or as it was called by the French and the annotator of this photo, Union internationale contre la tuberculose). On August 15, 1924, the attendees had headed out to "inspect the principle tuberculosis sanatoria in Switzerland" and gathered together on this idyllic spot for a group shot. Of course, TB sanatoria were always in idyllic spots, since the primary treatment for TB in the 1920s was fresh air and rest, away from the contagion of cities.

Why would OHSU Historical Collections & Archives have this photo? Well, if you look very closely (click on the image for a larger version) and you've played along with our Game of Concentration at home, you'll recognize one of the Matson brothers down near the front, third or fourth from the left (depending on whom you consider to be in the front row). Long coat, bow tie, dark hair, jaunty smile. Now, without further research on their itineraries, I can't be certain if this is Ralph or Ray, but I'd guess Ralph.

For more on the Matsons, check out my article on them on page 12 of the April 2, 2010, issue of The Scribe, the newsletter of the Medical Society of Metropolitan Portland (now online!)

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