Thursday, July 29, 2010

Henrietta Doltz's famous pancakes

A small but tasty accrual to the Dorothy Mann Robinson Papers appeared on my desk this week, battered, bent, covers off, extra-illustrated, and marked up on virtually every page. Is there a book like this in your personal collection? Perhaps it has its spine broken, dogeared pages, maybe some stains on it...? Yep, we're talking about a cookbook--and a very successful one, to judge by the use it has seen over the past 56 years.

This cookbook is of particular interest for us, not only because of its owner but because of the condition of its publication. In 1954, the Oregon State Nurses' Association (now called the Oregon Nurses Association) was celebrating its 50th anniversary, and put out a call to members for contributions to a celebratory cookbook. The members--who were primarily women and therefore, in true 1950s style, usually homemakers as well as professionals--responded enthusiastically. Recipes poured in to fill the various sections. In another hallmark of the era, we find separate sections on "Cakes, cookies and frostings," "Candies," and "Desserts." More indicative of their roles as healers, the nurses included information on a number of special diets, including"Low Fat Gallbladder Diet," "Ambulatory Ulcer Diet," and "Low Residue Diet." Mmm, low residue.

On page thirteen, we are treated to a recipe from a prominent member of the University of Oregon Medical School Dept. of Nursing (now the OHSU School of Nursing). Henrietta Doltz, RN,was serving as Director of the Dept. of Nursing when she submitted this recipe for Pancakes.

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