Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Francone: in person, online

Of course, you can't actually meet Clarice Ashworth Francone in person, since she died in 1981, but you can see the collection in person this week, as we have pulled it out and spread it around for the arrival of attendees of the annual conference of the Association of Medical Illustrators. As we mentioned earlier, the group is meeting here in Portland this week, and we'll be hosting the first small group of them this afternoon.

As you also know, we've mounted an exhibition of reproductions of Francone's work in the main lobby of the OHSU Library for visitors who can make it to Marquam Hill but maybe only outside of HC&A hours. Now, for those of you who can't make it to campus at all, we have the text of the exhibit brochure and a gallery of selected images available on our website.

Shown here is one that, in part, illustrates (pun intended) an old training exercise that Max Broedel used to set his students: sketching and resketching a coiled tube to help develop skill in perspective.

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