Wednesday, June 30, 2010

WWW = Wonderful World of Women

I have returned from Philadelphia, a town so steeped in history in actually smells 400 years old, where you can barely go a block without passing some significant cultural institution or landmark site (half of which are in some way connected to Benjamin Franklin), and where it was 95 degrees and 95% humidity, to find that there's a new blog on the block which will be of particular interest to readers of this space.

Kimberly Jensen, Ph.D., has begun posting regular pieces pertaining to her research on the history of women, which for the time being means Esther Clayson Pohl Lovejoy, M.D., 1894 graduate of the University of Oregon Medical School. Jensen has begun a biography of Lovejoy, which is anxiously anticipated by those of us who think that Esther, Oregon medicine, and women physicians generally haven't gotten the recognition they deserve. On her author blog, Jensen is writing about not only Esther but also Esther's colleagues and compatriots, her milieu, and the institutions, movements, and organizations with which she was involved. Anyone with an interest in women's history, medical history, or Oregon history should definitely check it out.

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Dale Danley said...

Welcome to the blogosphere, Kimberly!