Thursday, June 10, 2010

Public Health history resources: an update

For National Public Health week in 2009, we posted a list of some of the collections' holdings pertaining to the history of public health in Oregon. We happily announce the arrival of a new set of materials, and the advancement of processing of one important collection.

First, the latter: Volunteer archival processor Ji-Hyun (Kate) Kim has nearly completed the arrangement and description of the Harold T. Osterud Papers (2004-004). This is no mean feat, as the bulk of the materials were literally dumped into boxes from upended drawers. Osterud was chair of the Department of Public Health at OHSU from 1967 to 1990 and was a passionate historian of both the institution and medicine in Oregon. The collection includes both primary source materials pertaining to the department and secondary historical writings by Osterud.

Now, the new stuff: Katherine J. Riley, Ed.D., professor emerita in the Dept. of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, has taken up the mantle of departmental historian and has conducted oral interviews with several key characters, including Donald F. Austin, Beatrice K. Rose, Thomas M. Becker, Ralph Crawshaw, Michael Garland, Mitch Greenlick, William Morton, David S. Phillips, Susie Osterud (widow of Harold), and herself. The audio files for all and electronic transcripts for most of these interviews have been deposited in the archives, and are now available to researchers. Our great thanks to Dr. Riley for getting copies of this material to us for permanent retention!

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