Monday, May 24, 2010

Medical illustration on the brain

One of the events we've started to gear up for here is the annual conference of the Association of Medical Illustrators, to be held in Portland this summer, July 28-31. The conference theme is "Branching Out and Always Growing." OHSU Historical Collections & Archives will be welcoming the group to town with an exhibition of the works of Clarice Ashworth Francone, who was the medical illustrator for the University of Oregon Medical School, and, for many years, the only medical illustrator in the state. To prepare, we've begun digitizing all of the sketches in the Francone collection; once complete, the set will be made available online for scholars around the world. Pretty exciting, right?

To whet your appetite for the display, here are two of the images from the Brain folder within the Francone. Enjoy!

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