Friday, April 02, 2010

Stories From the Clippings

The Forceps Four: A Story Yet to Be Told
We well know that many talented artists are in residence at OHSU. They work as physicians, executive assistants, laboring on the crews in facilities maintenance, as educators and as graphic artists. But did you know that we, at one time, had an award winning Barbershop quartet?

The newspaper reported (What newspaper? Not all of the folio clippings identify author or publisher.), that the "crack" Forceps Four quartet from the University of Oregon Medical School defended the coveted Northwest songfest crown during Forest Grove's gala Gay Nineties Festival at the All-Northwest Barbershop Ballad contest. And they won two years in a row!

Members of the quartet, medical students, Richard Lalli, Gene Petroff, Robert Day and Gerald Crary, Jr. won the Northwest ballad contest by singing the barbershop ballad, "The Old Henry Clay". Winning in 1954, they defended the title in 1955, and won once again. For their efforts, the group received the title, $300, a trophy and each, a shaving mug.

Their last opportunity to sing together was a concert given at the Student American Medical Association's national convention in Chicago that same year. Two of the 4 members were graduating and leaving the state... so went the group and its future.

The article also said that they sported the school colors... which were?

And how many of you know that the University also had sports teams? But that's a subject for another post. If you follow this blog you have seen the North Pacific Dental College football team in full regalia.

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