Wednesday, April 07, 2010

New Grossmaniana: Morse, Schuman, and Holladay Park

Tuesday's visit from Dr. Charles Grossman netted us three very interesting folders for the archives, plus a copy of the July 1975 issue of Oregon People, with Ralph Friedman's article "An Oregonian in China" (shown here is Friedman's photo of Grossman and Mrs. Lu at the Great Wall).

One folder contains all of Dr. Grossman's collected materials on Frederick L. Schuman, PhD (1904-1981), a political scientist who taught at the University of Chicago and Williams College before coming to Portland State University in 1968. Grossman was both friend and physician to this notable author, and the folder contains correspondence, news clippings, and other ephemera.

The next folder, labeled "Correspondence 1968 Campaign" is filled with letters that Grossman collected during his involvement with Scientists and Doctors for Morse, a group that raised about $10,000 for Oregon Senator Wayne Morse's (unsuccessful) reelection campaign in 1968. The correspondents are not just from Oregon; there are several letters from scientists and physicians across the country. One from Linus Pauling accompanied a donation to the group; Pauling took the opportunity to ask Grossman whether he "might know someone who is treating mentally ill persons by megavitamin therapy, as well as the customary methods, in the Portland area."

The last folder (an oversize envelope, in fact) is marked "HPH Exec 1977" and contains minutes of various committee meetings held at Holladay Park Hospital between February and June 1977. Grossman was chair of the Medical-Surgical Department and a member of the Executive Committee at the hospital during this period of time. Included are minutes of: Clinical Pathology Conference; Executive Committee; Quarterly Medical Staff Meeting; Medical Audit Committee; Physical Therapy Committee; Infection Control Committee; Emergency Center Committee; Patient Care Committee; ICU-CCU Committee; Credentials Committee; Anesthesia Department; Surgery Committee; Medical Committee; Library Committee; By-Laws Committee; and Psychiatric Department.

And in a nod to the future, we also received a preprint of Grossman's new article, "Growing Up with Geriatrics," the 95-year-old physician's perspective on the development of the specialty, forthcoming in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. He asks: "Are we justified in applying the studies of those under 75 to those of us over 80, or 90?.... Many questions remain to be answered." Given time, Grossman might yet answer a few of them.

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