Thursday, April 29, 2010

New display going up in the main library

At long last, the exhibit "Music of the Heart: Rhythms and Murmurs" (originally programmed to obsolesce in January, but like Hubble, still going strong long after its due) is being taken down and a new display is going up this afternoon. If you hurry, you can see Archivist Karen Peterson and library student Ian Terrell at work putting it in!

Below is some information from the exhibit brochure. The materials will be on display in the main lobby of the OHSU Library through May; an online component will be available shortly and will remain up indefinitely (check our exhibits page).

"A Persistent Vision:
Notes on the Origin of Medical Education in the Pacific Northwest"

The exhibit consists of materials held in the Historical Collections & Archives of the Oregon Health & Science University. On display are handwritten class, lecture and clinical notes dated from as early as 1880 from Harvard Medical School, Willamette University Medical Department, Cincinnati Medical College and the University of Oregon Medical School. Included are notes and study cards on courses given in chemistry, dermatology, obstetrics, medicine, surgery, psychiatry, pharmacology materia medica, obstetrics, otolaryngology, surgery: bone fractures, diseases and their treatments: venereal disease, diseases of the joints, diseases of the veins and arteries and general public health issues. Also exhibited is a portion of the First Class Collection: A collection of monographs developed from a list of the textbooks used by students in the first session of the University of Oregon Medical School (1887-1888). The collection includes the then-current edition of Gray’s Anatomy. Also on display are various diplomas, certificates and licenses dating from as early as 1863.

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