Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ming and Qing things

The triennial tour of a triad Chinese librarians from Fujian Province to Oregon stopped at OHSU today; regular readers may remember our recap of the 2007 visit.

We again pulled out the Chinese figurines from the Qing Dynasty (shown here), and the books by Chen Xiuyuan (Qing era, on gynecology) and Gong Tingxian (Ming era, on ophthalmology). And while we didn't purposely pull out anything from the papers of Charles Grossman (such as the Ma Haide Christmas card), we happened to have the 1977 US-China People's Friendship Association folder--hand delivered by Dr. Grossman this morning--sitting out on the counter.

With today's deposit, the preliminary inventory of the Grossman papers runs to 39 pages.

The next Chinese librarian visit, set for 2013, should be an opportunity for us to really showcase the vast collection of Chinese materials from the Grossman papers. Stay tuned!

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