Monday, April 05, 2010

Fixott funny

On Friday, another trip down to the vault at the OHSU School of Dentistry resulted in the transfer of three boxes of oversize photographs, awards and certificates, and miscellaneous publications, including many commencement photos, a scrapbook, and a number of dental history illustrations. We also swung by the Alumni Office and picked up a box of dental artifacts donated by Steven J. Little, DMD, for the museum collection.

Although the poster for the Freshmen Slaughter (this one from 1909) is probably the most graphic, we already wrote about that event. Instead, we'll share this lovely original sketch of Dental School faculty member Henry Cline Fixott (1879-1959), which may have been drawn by Dean Harold Noyes (although it is unsigned); we find it a bit reminiscent of the caricatures drawn by cartoonist Tige Reynolds. Regular readers might remember Fixott from this post, when we celebrated the accession of a collection of his teaching materials.

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