Monday, April 12, 2010

Eyes--and boxes--wide open

Following up on the recent donation of historical materials from the OHSU Casey Eye Institute, this morning we worked through the book portion of the delivery. All of the books are in very good condition, and many have the bookplate of former chair Kenneth C. Swan, M.D. (shown here).

After searching for duplicates in our current holdings, it looks like we'll be adding about forty classics of ophthalmology, dating from 1899 to 1994, to the OHSU collections. Among the early titles are the third edition of G.E. De Schweinitz's Diseases of the eye (1899), seventh edition of Henry R. Swanzy's A handbook of the diseases of the eye and their treatment (1900), James Thorington's Retinoscopy (1901); James Moores Ball's Modern ophthalmology (probably 1904, although the otherwise pristine volume inexplicably lacks its title page), W.A. Fisher's Cataracts (1917), and L. Webster Fox's Practical treatise on ophthalmology (1920). There are also several titles on ocular pathology, eye surgery, and physiological optics. Below is an image of a card for the Holmgren test for color blindness, which is pasted onto the inner rear cover of the Swanzy.

These books, once cataloged, will supplement an already fine collection of works on ophthalmology in the OHSU Library. If you're interested in the history of ophthalmology, stay tuned for more news later this week about OHSU's collections...

(And if you've leafed through advanced texts on eye diseases and their treatments, you'll know why I chose to digitize the images shown here.)

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