Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day the virtual way

As you know, dear readers, we're all about physical stuff here, especially paper--lots and lots of paper. Of course, being Oregonians, we also know that trees are a renewable resource unlike, say, oil, but we understand that many of you out there might cringe at the thought of how many noble trees have gone into the making of the collections.

So, in the spirit of Earth Day, here are a sampling of some of the digital donations we've received--born digital, living digital, posted digital. Now go out and hug a tree (I recommend the huge old oak in front of Old Library, for those of you on Marquam Hill; he's a great beast and I think he likes the attention.)

Opening of the OHSU Neurological Sciences Institute, West Campus

OHSU Surgeons Albert Starr, Adnan Cobanoglu, John Hunter

OHSU School of Dentistry Senior Clinic, Halloween 2000

Donald and Jane Trunkey, 2004

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