Thursday, April 08, 2010

Centennial image: Willamette University Medical School

Just in time to turn one hundred, this image of a group of students at the Willamette University Medical Department was sent our way by Robert Windom, son of Arthur L. Windom, pictured here third from left. Arthur graduated in 1910 with only four classmates: James C. Bartlett, George A. Massey, J.T. Murphy, and J. Ray Pemberton. Since there are more than five students in this photo, it may have been a study group of mixed students--or, two of those pictured may not have graduated on time (or ever).

We quite love the spittoons under the table!


gretchen said...

That's my grandfather! I had never seen a photo of him earlier than the early 20's. What a treat.

Margie Guletz said...

And that's my Dad. Thanks,Bob, for uncovering this priceless photo. Many of our family pictures were destroyed carelessly. I have never seen this one. Margie Windom Guletz

Anonymous said...

4th from Left George A Massey 1882-1976, 1910 WUMD graduate. Saddlebag Doctor Turner OR til 1918 located to K Falls GP-Surg 1919-1967 head of surgery Klamath Valley and Hillside hospitals.