Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tooth Talk

Yesterday's mail brought us a delightful little donation of a promotional booklet published by Oregon City dentist Louis A. Morris, D.M.D. Titled Tooth Talk, the small (6 x 3.5 inches) eleven-page pamphlet is both a marketing tool for Morris' dental practice and a short instructional text for consumers. This is a type of ephemera that rarely gets saved and deposited into archival collections, so we are especially grateful to have this example.

By turns stern, persuasive, and conversational, the piece is a quite page-turner. Here are some excerpts:
Patronize the dentist who sterilizes his instruments after every operation and you may be sure that there is no danger of infection from dirty instruments. The patient should appreciate the importance of this.

Stop and think it out for yourself. Has there ever been a time when you neglected a decayed tooth--kept putting it off until tomorrow--and when you were finally forced to seek a dentist's aid were told you had neglected the tooth too long and and it would have to be extracted? And do you remember the resolve you made to yourself that it would never happen again? And yet the chances are that you are letting another one go along the same road. Just think it over.

Remember that a perfect set of teeth has made many a lady attractive, and broken down, discolored, or decayed teeth have made an otherwise attractive lady unsightly.

And remember--good teeth depend upon good care, and good care depends upon good supervision, and good supervision depends upon good advice, and good advice depends upon a good dentist.
Hear hear!


bennylake said...

What else do you know about Dr Louis Adams Morris of Oregon City? or his children Robert and Marjorie? I am doing genealogy on his wife Margaret Ann Goodfellow.

Maija said...

Hello - We're always happy to help out with genealogical research. Please send your question to homref@ohsu.edu so we can stay in touch with you.