Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Sixty years of presentation technology

This morning's visit from Dr. Charles Grossman brought us a nearly complete set of presentation technologies from the 1940s to the present: glass lantern slides (talk on C14 glycine), 35 mm slides (cancer and hypothyroidism), 3 x 5 floppy ("Multiple cancers"--not sure yet what software), and DVD with PowerPoint (Hanford). We're on the watch for Dr. Grossman's latest publication to hit the electronic presses of the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society so that we can add PDF to the mix. We are lucky enough to have the equipment to view all of these lectures--and print them out onto paper when necessary.

His visit also brought us a charming booklet of housestaff photographs from New Haven Hospital, 1944, including this shot of the young Dr. Grossman "doing something with a burette."

The booklet has photos of the following staff:

Francis Blake
John Peters
Art Geiger
Marion Howard and Allen Poole
Ted Danowski and Alen[?] Winkler
Sam Kushlan[?]
Bernie Ravlin[?]
Nick Tierney and [blank]
Frank Ferguson
John Findley
Charles Grossman
Bob Furman
Joe Kriss[?]
Alan Peterson? [sic]
Don Seldin
Margaret, Mary, and Mac
Ben Robinson
Tom Sappington
Sandy Paley
Moe Tulin

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