Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pair of pretty portraits

A short trip across the canyon to the Campus Services Building (formerly the University-State Tuberculosis Hospital) netted us two new portraits: Jarvis Gould, MD and Ephraim McDowell, MD.

Robert Jarvis Gould (1915-1972) was administrator of the Multnomah County Hospital and associate medical director of the University of Oregon Medical School Hospitals & Clinics at the time of his death in February of 1972. He was a 1941 graduate of UOMS, completed his internship and residency here, and had joined the school faculty in 1948. In July 1972, the school dedicated a garden in his memory, in the southeast corner of the Multnomah County Hospital grounds. Of Gould, former Dean Charles Holman said, "Under Dr. Gould's leadership Multnomah Hospital developed into one of the finest municipal hospitals in the country. Its patient care services were considered models by municipal hospital administrators throughout the United States." The Gould portrait is signed "D. Merritt, 1958."

Kentuckian Ephraim McDowell is credited with having performed the first ovariotomy in 1809. The McDowell portrait bears a brass label that identifies the subject and notes that the painting was donated by John C. Brougher, MD, on May 18, 1969. Information on the back indicates that Edward M. Rowe painted McDowell from a color slide in 1960. Alumnus John Brougher donated a large number of items to the collections here at OHSU (98 items are represented in the OHSU Digital Resources Library alone!); it's gratifying to be able to bring this piece together with the rest of those materials.

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