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North Pacific College, Class of 1926

[Warning: genealogist Google crawl enabler alert!]
We had the opportunity today to scan the photograph of the class of 1926 from the North Pacific College of Oregon, Schools of Dentistry and Pharmacy--just one of the many treasures safeguarded lo these many years in The Vault down at the OHSU School of Dentistry. The composite includes 105 unidentified graduates from the group of 122--a typical class size for the busy institution on East Sixth and Oregon streets in downtown Portland. Despite all NPC's later talk about being a co-ed college, you'll note that all of these graduates are men.

A 1937 alumni directory lists towns for all the practicing graduates. Not surprisingly, 41 were in Oregon. Washington State was the winner with 45 NPC-trained dentists. We sent 16 to British Columbia, supplied four each to California and Montana, provided two to Utah, and had lone representatives in Colorado, Idaho, Wisconsin, North Dakota, Alaska, and Florida. Dean Herbert Miller probably didn't make it to alumni reunions as far as Florida, but he was undoubtedly proud of his school's widely sown seeds.

Perhaps some of you recognize a face or two (click for larger image), from the roster of:
Anderson, John
Bain, Neil
Baird, Harold E.
Baird, M
Barnes, George Andrew
Barron, Fred Thomas
Barton, R.O.
Bladorn, Herbert
Birbeck, T.M.
Blake, H. Dalton
Bourque, Theo Henry
Bowman, Walter A.
Boyd, T.J.
Bradley, Harold Levi
Bright, Alfred Joachim
Brook, Frank Norton
Brown, L.L.
Burgan, Oliver Wendel
Burger, F.W.
Burgin, Howard N.
Butler, Rex Gray
Colton, Jack J.
Colbourne, Ralph Henry
Corkrey, Harold F.
Daus, Joseph Keller
Dermott, Willis J.
Devereaux, R. Patrick
Dutton, Floyd Ellsworth
Elder, Donald John
Ellertson, John Leo
Engel, Ignatius L.
Fraser, James Allan
Fowler, H.N.
Friedman, L.
Gallagher, Peter B.
Garrett, Glenn Boyd
Geyer, John L.
Gosse, Joseph Roland
Griesinger, Walter H.
Gustine, Floyd
Haagsma, Charles R.
Hagan, P.J.E.
Hall, Norman Cecil
Harris, Edward S.
Hay, John Roy
Henderson, J.W.
Hoffman, George Stanley
Holbrook, Harold
Hood, Donald G.
Houck, Arland Martin
Houle, Francis Hunter
Hubler, Winfield E.
Johnson, O.E.
Johnston, L.E.
Jones, Ray Boyd
Jorgensen, Stanley K.
Karnath, W.E.
Kemp, Phineas A.
Kennedy, Wallace Henry
Kincaid, Cecil Russell
Newby, William G.
Kramer, Harold Maurice
Kunz, Charles Edward
Kynoch, Walter M.C.
Leslie, John Julian
Lindblad, Gordon Marton
Locklin, John Hewitt
Lodmell, A.D.
Martin, Charles F.
Maudsley, A.G.
McCabe, A.R.
McCallon, Ernest Clinton
McCormick, Lloyd M.
McCornack, Herbert Wells
McGuire, Gerald Arby
McIntosh, Wallace L.
McIntyre, Rollin E.
McMaster, Paul Harry
McPherson, Wesley R.
Meyers, H.G.
Miller, John H.
Miller, William
Milne, Floyd G.
Moline, William W.A.
Moon, Max Albert
Moore, A.M.
Mose, Vincent Edward
Neen, Adam Thompson
Nelson, Nels Einer
Oborn, Norman
O'Brien, Ivan Francis
Paine, Frank Clarence
Para, V.A.
Parbery, Reginald C.
Perry, Roy Arnold
Quint, J. Harley
Rassier, Wilfred E.
Ridley, Charles Hubert
Rose, Virgil Leonard
Schmidt, Louvera Broyles
Segal, F.J.
Smith, Irwin Nathaniel
Smith, William Wilson
Somers, Harry Dillon
Straith, Balfour Dickson
Strizek, Otto Paul
Sturgeon, Dwight Paul
Sullivan, W.J.
Tarlton, Vernon William
Tennant, Maurice A.
Thompson, John Carleton
Verchere, Arthur Turner
Wahlstrom, Carl R.
Walther, Donald Eugene
Weber, Joseph Edward
Webster, Arthur Sparling
Weinheimer, R.J.
White, Earle S.
Wilhelmy, E. Kenneth
Willard, Donald F.
Wilson, John Purdy
Wise, Paul W.
Young, Albert Charles

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