Monday, March 01, 2010

Boil way down

From the deeply interesting (and thus lengthily titled) Lucy I. Davis Phillips Collection on Oregon Women Medical School Graduates, 2004-030 (and this from the recently uncovered addendum), another short, snappy morsel. Note that despite the brevity of the autobiographical sketch, someone has commanded: "Boil way down."

Angela L. Ford Warren, M.D. to Mabel Akin, M.D.
March 8, 1933

Dear Dr. Akin,

At your request I am inclosing a brief sketch of my practice.

Dr. Angela L. Ford Warren began practicing in Portland, Oregon with three other lady physicians in the field - Dr. Owens-Adair, Dr. Lydia King, and Dr. May Cardwell. Coming directly from Salem Ore when her diploma was received from the Willamette Medical College - now called U. of O. Medical College - located on Marquam Hill Portland Oregon. After a clinical course in New York City Dr. Warren has speclialized in gynaecology -

Dear Dr.

I have purposely left out dates for professional reasons.

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