Tuesday, February 16, 2010

UOMS Class of 1914, in their own words

I understand that some folks think everything is miscellaneous, but looking through a Subject File folder called "University of Oregon Medical School > History > Miscellaneous" turned up one rather specific and particular item. "Senior Class History" is an anonymous (or group-authored?) memoir of the University of Oregon Medical School Class of 1914.

What's special about the Class of 1914? Well, for starters, they were the first group to graduate post-merger with Willamette University's Medical Department. As the history notes: "the whirl of changes which we had seen up to the beginning of the Senior year was not destined to subside; for upon our return, we found our number increased from nine to twenty-six..." as the WUMD students were incorporated into UOMS.

Also, the group was "the first class required to present evidence of the successful completion of one year of college work" and "the first to partake of the advantages of an entire reorganization of the fundamental laboratory branches" as new faculty came on board.

The full history can be read below, and a complete list of 1914 graduates follows.

And yes, for those dying to know, there were many other not-history, not-miscellaneous items in that Subject Folder which have been resorted to other files. Because when one has flat files, one really has to choose a more descriptive moniker than Miscellany (if one hopes to find anything again). Indeed, even non-flat files benefit from concerted categorization and a semblance of sorting. Give a researcher a break: go out and tag some digital files with a few pertinent, distinct terms!

Class of 1914 (UOMS/WUMD)
Anderson, Arvid Edgar
Anderson, Elmer Everett
Blackford, Harry
Bouvy, Harry Matthew
Cashatt, Carl Edward
Dunham, George Clark
Edwards, Robert Lee
Hamilton, Charles William
Hampton, Norman Claude
Hart, Ethel Neva
Houser, Charles Dorsey
Howard, Merle George
Hoy, L. Lorraine
Joseph, Emile Caspar
Keizer, Phil John
Kinney, Alfred Earle
Larson, Carl Frederick
MacRae, Raymond D.
Miller, Robert Bruce
Moffat, Clinton Charles
Tharp, Henry Zophar
Tiedemann, Albert Williams
Vandevert, John Clinton
Van Vlerah, Clyde C.B.
Wade, Charles Benjamin
West, Melville Abbott

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